About Us

Our story starts in India, at a magical time when I was traveling across this beautiful country.  Simply being in India is a relentless party for one's senses!

Bright colours, sounds and smells are everywhere;  from exotic spice markets, painted buildings, people's clothes, to art and craft as a way of life. Such a joyful way to celebrate being alive!
After this first trip, I brought back a few gifts for my family, including gorgeous clothes made with thin, soft, colourful cotton. 
That textile was absolutely essential for hot weather where we lived at the time.
It would help protect my children's skin from sun and allow them to feel comfortable in hot weather. Then I found this material was also excellent for making children's or adult's pyjamas! 
I wanted to bring this pleasure to others and that's how we have started!
By the way, the name 'Peetachatakee' means Canary in Hindi - It's a symbol of beauty and joy.
Our clothes are made in Ireland and Portugal. We create the designs and prints ourselves. We use only the best quality textiles hand picked from India's leading ethically sound fabric producers. I have returned to wonderful India many times now to ensure the quality of the materials, and that the dyes and prints are both ecologically and skin friendly. 

Peetachatakee is an ethically owned and run business which aims to support and empower women in India, Middle East and Europe.

Our Homemade collections are made by women in need.

Peetachatakee supports these women each time you purchase a Homemade item of clothing on our website.

When you purchase from us you are making an informed ethical decision to support people over profit.